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"We have used Chris for several years now to take care of our dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs and whatever other stray pet has wandered into our lives.  I wholeheartedly recommend the service he provides. We had used other pet services prior to Chris, and the difference in the level of service he provides is profound. He is professional, courteous and friendly. He genuinely cares about the pets and provides frequent (but not too frequent) relevant updates. He has been able to take care of our pets when they were sick, or geriatric and required special care. Over the years, we have used other pet sitters, but once we started using Chris, the difference was clear. The dogs in particular seem happier and less anxious when we return home after being looked after by Chris. That is a hard thing to quantify, but it is absolutely true. It is rare to be able to completely endorse any type of service, but with Chris and Whales to Tails, I can easily recommend and endorse him without a single reservation. He's the best pet sitter we have ever had."


-Tim Bliss & The Bliss Zoo :)


"We were introduced to Chris and NH Dog Training by our vet, and it turned out better than we could have expected.  Our family adopted a two year old rescue dog from an out of state agency, and she had developed some bad habits in her early years.  Chris came in and quickly assesed the situation and taught us effective methods to better control her impulsive behavior.  It was important to us that we could teach her how to be a better dog without taking away the spirit and energy that made her special, and we didn't want to subject her to physical pain or heavy handed tactics.  We saw positive results quickly. In addition to training, Chris was invaluable to us as a dogwalker.  As a dog owner, you want to know that your friend is going to be well taken care of.  Chris truly loves dogs and gives them the time and attention they need.  He sent us pictures during the walk, and gave us updates.  There is real peace of mind knowing that your dog is able to burn off some energy and have some fun even if you can't be there."


-Doug Reardon & Brooke


"I cannot thank Chris enough for helping me raise my two Bernese Mtn dog puppies. The first week I had them Chris came over and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Chris. And, it was very apparent that Chris loved my boys, and they loved him. Chris helped me to raise my boys directly from being on a leash to the necessary commands of sit, stay, look, etc. he was a life saver! And, I felt very much at ease with Chris being at my home without me there."


-Sally Crocker, Rhone & Lapis


"NH Dog Training has provided quality and consistent care for my dog, Bruin, for the past two years. It is so comforting to know that I have never to worry about Bruin while I am at work. Chris is flexible and accommodating to my work schedule, and always takes the time to let me know if there is anything to be concerned about. I refer Whales to Tales to all of my friends, and will continue to do so for many years to come!" 


-Jessica Visinski & Bruin


"Thanks so much for your support transitioning our rescue dog Star into our home. Your insights and daily walks are all the difference with our happy pup. We love your positive approach to training and availability to talk things out when we hit a wall."


-LeeAnne Steenhoek, Star & Riley


"NH Dog Training was recommended to me by a neighbor who used Chris's services to care for their 2 dogs, 3 rabbits, 2 duck, 6 chickens,3 chinchillas and a bird while they were on vacation. I had just adopted a 9 year old female lab named Hallie and was looking for a dependable and reliable dog walker/ pet care provider as well as someone who truly has a connection with animals and loves them as much as I do. I have had good and bad experiences in the past 12 years with dog walkers for my other dogs. I can truly say that this is the best experience I have ever had!!!! Chris and his NH Dog Training team are beyond dependable. This winter we had a ton of snow and not once did Hallie's walk get cancelled.  Even though I contracted Chris to walk Hallie there is always attention and pats given to my cat Galupa. It is a great feeling to know while I am at work my pets are given love and attention by someone who truly has built a trusting and loving relationship with them."


-Darla Ammidown, Hallie & Galupa


"We have used Chris since our dog was a new pup for training and walks. Chris is so reliable and dependable.  His services are easy to schedule with a quick text, call or email. We use him for regularly scheduled walks and he has helped us out in a pinch.  Our dog is happy to see him, we can tell because Chris sends a photo each time! NH Dog Training sessions are tailored to our specific needs.  Chris breaks down the training into easy to understand lessons. Our dog is much better behaved and more enjoyable to be with since we started working with Chris.  She has improved her manners and self-control.  I would highly recommend NH Dog Training!" 


-Sandy Comstock & Maisy 


"I'm very grateful that I found NH Dog Training to walk and care for my two dogs. Although my chocolate lab Guiness loves everyone, the same is not true for my very "people shy" rescue dog Calvin. Thanks to Chris's patience and understanding, Calvin has made a new friend! I have asked Chris to walk my dogs on several occasions. They are reliable, courteous, and very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them."


-Theresa Michaels, Calvin & Guiness


"I have a rescue dog, Jesse, who was abused by a man and as a result is very fearful of men. Chris worked with Jesse, showing him unbelievable patience and understanding, and within a short period of time had Jesse going with him for walks. Now when Chris comes to the house, Jesse happily goes out the door with him! This was a huge hurdle to overcome and only Chris could have made this happen. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, 100 percent responsible and I would highly recommend him to any pet lover. I feel very lucky to have found him!"


-Debra Vanderbeek & Jesse


I met Chris two years ago while walking my dogs.  He had pulled his car over to leash a dog that was running free on a busy road near my house.  He was going door to door to see the dog safely home.  While we chatted about the stray dog my two Bernese Mountain dogs could not get enough attention from him, and that always impresses me   At the time I did not need pet services, my children were still home and able to let the dogs out when they arrived home from school.  Now the children are gone and we are thankful to Chris and Whales to Tails and their services.  My husband works from a home office but on days that he is out of town, Chris comes and cares for our dogs.  The schedule varies week to week and Chris is always accommodating.  I love the texts I receive at work of pictures of my dogs with an update from Chris.We have also had a training session. Our daughter got a puppy and the introduction into our family was not going as smoothly as anticipated.  Chris spent time with her puppy and our dogs to help with the transition.  There have also been times I have had a quick dog question, Chris always responds promptly with great advice.  I have recommended Chris to friends and all have been very happy. I highly recommend Chris and NH Dog Training with no reservations –


Ruthie & Joel Gordon, Okemo & Bromley


"My husband and I adopted Duke about 5 years ago, and he has always been a very anxious dog. I enlisted in some help from NH Dog Training because I was worried that Duke's anxiety was making him miserable. When Duke and Chris met for the first time, Duke was immediately at ease-Chris just has a calming presence about him. Chris made some suggestions about products and tactics that could calm Duke down when he was having an "episode". He also recommended making changes to Duke's diet. Duke has been a completely different dog since working with NH Dog Training and I could not be more grateful!"


-Molly Marino & Duke


"Chris came highly recommended to us by Mercy Animal Hospital when my husband and I were looking for someone to come check on our elderly dog, Pepper, when I had a job change and could not get home during the day. He was wonderful with our old girl and understood her needs, as he had also taken care of an elderly dog of his own. He was there for us when we had to make the hard decision to put Pepper down in April 2013, offering advice and a listening ear. A couple of months later we rescued our new girl, Madison, and have hired Chris back to walk her a few times a week and also for trainin sessions. Madison is a wonderful dog, but was a little people shy and dog aggressive when we first got her. It was amazing to watch Chris with her when they first met-he is incredibly careful to get down on the same level with your dog and engage them very gently and with a great deal of patience and understanding. Madison took to him very quickly and the two of them have formed a very special friendship. With Chris' advice and training tactics, she has quicly become more social and is no longer aggressive with other dogs. She also knows a great deal of commands and has become so much easier to walk on her leash with Chris' help. I could never say enough good things about Chris and NH Dog Training. My husband and I trust him with our home and furry kid!"


-Diane Trovato, Pepper & Madison


"NH Dog Training is southern New Hampshire's premier dog walking and training company. Whether I am out of town for a day, week, or month, Chris always goes above and beyond to make sure my dog gets everything he needs. He is a true professional, and his lifetime of experience working with animals shines bright when he walks in the door and my dog jumps for joy! For every visit "NH Dog Training" makes to my home, he will email me a picture of my happy dog so I always have peace of mind and know that he couldn't be in better hands. I would not dream of calling anyone but "NH Dog Training" to take care of my dog!"


-Rick Gauthier & Eli 

"Catherine and I wanted to take a few minutes to express just how happy, and grateful, we are for Chris and NH Dog Training. When someone has an animal in their life, that animal quickly becomes more than just a becomes a pet. That pet then becomes a friend, a family member, and in the case of our silly coon hound, almost like a child. We spend countless hours with them, we talk to them, we miss them when we are gone. Catherine and I have very busy schedules and sometimes we cannot be there for our three pups and kittens like we want; being new to the area, we didn't have any kind of support system to check in on our furry family. After reading about Chris, there really wasn't any other decision to be made. Chris is punctual and professional, and most importantly, he has the skill set and temperament that tells me he is there for the animals...not the paycheck. That counts. A lot. When I go away on business, I have 100% confidence in Chris. 100%. I miss my animals, and I am the world's Heavyweight Champion of Worrying, but Chris takes that anxiety away. I know my family will be as happy, healthy, and safe as when I left them. There really is nothing else I could ask of Chris."


-Catherine/Duncan, Artemis, Vulcan & Argos

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