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In-Home Dog Training


NH Dog Training offers in-home dog training in southern New Hampshire, specializing in helping dogs with aggressive behavior. We service towns approximately 30 miles from Amherst, NH. We can't wait to meet you and your dog!

At NH Dog Training we understand how important it is to have a positive, trusting and caring relationship with your dog as well as communicating in the most efficient ways. The owner of NH Dog Training, Chris St. Lawrence, will help you with all of your training needs. You don't want to miss out on his unique approach to dog training and bettering the experience you have with your dog. With his 18 years of experience working with dolphins to dogs, you and your dog will learn so much!

Our training programs are all customized to fit each individual dog and client. All dog training is done in the comfort of your home in your dog's environment using science-based techniques. A step-by-step training process using behavior modification and positive reinforcement will change you and your dog's life forever. 

In-Home Dog Training Rates: 

*Includes weekly email/text support

$275 for initial behavioral consultation

(Consultations typically last at least 2 hours)


     $150 for follow-up sessions

(45 minutes-1 hour) 

Virtual/Phone Consultation Rates:​

*Includes weekly email/text support

$175 for initial behavioral consultation

(90 minutes)

$100 for follow-up sessions

(30-45 minutes)

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